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Why Happy Rainbow Books?


We are here to present our series of picture books: The Adventures of SUNNY RAINBOW.

This series is inspired by the emotional life of children and their interaction with the everyday world. A nontraditional family structure is celebrated in this collection, as well as a simple and positive introduction to open-mindedness and all kinds of family and friendship love. The goal of these simple stories is to give children tools to connect with and recognize their feelings, enhance their creativity and also enjoy learning new things, even in these unprecedented times. The stories are playful, funny, sweet and moving.

To make it even more fun, we offer a series of educational games and activities that reinforce the message of each book. These allow children to learn through play.


Sunny Rainbow is a lovable gender neutral creature that any child can identify with, without prejudice or stereotypes. This encourages forward thinking and creates space for our young readers to enhance their sense of belonging. In every story, Sunny learns something new that can be related to diversity, friendship, emotions, healthy eating, creativity, loss, etc., and discovers new personality traits. Each of the learnings achieved are defined as a “RAINBOW Moment”, and this is when we see a rainbow fill the page with its colors. 

Our products deliver playful learning, building the skills kids need through bedtime stories, games and activities they love.

Learn while Playing

Healthy Eating

Tools to encourage kids to eat healthy and colorful food


Tools to learn the shapes, colors and numbers 

Cognitive Skills


Core Values

Stories that reinforce friendship and family values, social skills and diversity


Tools to identify and learn

about emotions

Social & Emotional Skills


Relatable and daily situations for children to find calm and practice mindfulness



Activities & Rhymes

Creative activities & books with

beautiful rhymes that reinforce

the message of the story

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