This pack includes the following 4 hardcover illustrated books:

A Playground of Emotions

Let's Eat with Colors

Colorful Friends

My Rainbow

Each book comes with a creative activity and a beautiful rhyme, which reinforce the message of the story.


The Adventures of Sunny Rainbow: A Playground of Emotions! 

Let's join Sunny in discovering the different emotions at the playground!

This story helps kids learn and identify emotions.


The Adventures of Sunny Rainbow: Let's Eat with Colors!

Let's join Sunny in the search of the most colorful food! Eating with colors is so much fun.

Encourages healthy eating, identifying fruits and vegetables.


The Adventures of Sunny Rainbow: Colorful Friends!

In this story, Sunny teaches us that true friendship comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.

It encourages variety & inclusion.


The Adventures of Sunny Rainbow: My Rainbow

Sunny and friends let their imagination wander into their hearts!

This story inspires creativity & family/friendship values.


Ages 2-6.


Rainbow Pack - 4 Books

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  • Each book is a hardcover illustrated book. 

    Size of each book: 9.84in x 9.84in (closed). 19.68in x 9.84in (open) / 25cm x 25cm (closed). 50cm x 25cm (open).

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